How to Find a Good Financial Advisor

August 1, 2011

As a financial planner, I often get asked by friends for advice on choosing a financial advisor. I thought I’d share a few resources with others who might be on the hunt for a financial advisor.

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How to Find the Best 529 Plan

February 1, 2011

I recently conducted some research on 529 plans while deciding which plan to open for my daughter. I had chosen Utah’s 529 plan a few years back for my son, but wanted to make sure it was still one of the best choices given the market challenges of the past couple of years.

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Raising Financially Fit Kids

January 1, 2011

Did you know that 75% of parents think teaching kids about money is a moral imperative, but only 36% report knowing how to do so[1]? These statistics speak both to the perceived importance of the task and to the high level of financial illiteracy in our country. 

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