As part of our certification process as a B Corp last year, Redwood Grove Wealth Management made a commitment to donating one percent of our revenue to charity each year. Historically, we have supported a variety of non-profits focused on causes related to financial literacy and the environment. However, we recently learned about an organization called One Percent for the Planet, that is trying to address the under-allocation of charitable dollars to fight environmental issues. Only 3% of total charitable giving is currently directed at these causes, yet the climate crisis is one of, if not the biggest issue facing humankind today. So, upon reflection and evaluation of our past charitable giving, we decided to increase total charitable giving to 2% of revenue so that we could join the One Percent for the Planet network and commit to giving 1% of revenue to non-profits focused on environmental issues. We are excited to make a bigger commitment to fighting the climate crisis.

We look forward to continuing to support environmental non-profits such as Pachamama Alliance and Environmental Working Group, but also look forward to supporting other environmental non-profits. We’ll continue to support non-profits such as Bay Area Financial Education Foundation and Foundation for Financial Planning that focus on financial literacy.