financial literacy

Financial Literacy in the Time of Coronavirus

April was the 20th anniversary of Financial Literacy Month in the US. This year, the movement was overshadowed by the global coronavirus pandemic and has many wondering if financial literacy matters in the current environment. It matters more than ever! A new survey from the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) finds that nearly nine in 10 (88 percent) Americans [...]

It’s Time to Get Serious About Financial Literacy

April is financial literacy month. Financial literacy is an understanding of money – how to make it, how to manage it, how to invest it, and how to give back. Understanding money and how it works has never been more important. The collective debt burden of United States citizens is $11.5 trillion dollars. This is 75% of US GDP. Only [...]

Raising Financially Fit Kids

Did you know that 75% of parents think teaching kids about money is a moral imperative, but only 36% report knowing how to do so[1]? These statistics speak both to the perceived importance of the task and to the high level of financial illiteracy in our country. […]